Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The book that inspired artist Douglas Robertson

Artist Douglas Robertson has written a story about the book that changed his life - and inspired his artwork.

Read his story about Sorley MacLean's 'Spring Tide And Neap Tide' here

Douglas continues to be inspired by poetry and is currently working on a collaborative project with poet Jen Hadfield. Read about it on Douglas' blog. Above is one of the pieces from the project, entitled 'Pocket Noost'. You can see more of his work here.

Thanks to Douglas for getting in touch, we love hearing about the different ways in which people have been inspired by books!

It's also very interesting that Douglas mentions in his story that his imagination was captured when he heard Sorley MacLean reading his poems - has anyone ever been moved and inspired by hearing a book read in a way that changed their life?

If anyone would like to see the documentary films by Tim Neat about Sorley MacLean that Douglas mentions in his story, they are on the poet's official website.

Inspirational story of the week by Robbie Handy

"...Bullets an bodies bounce off the paper an intae yer mind..."

We have all enjoyed this story at Scottish Book Trust this morning.

The story's author Robbie Handy also wrote this great story 'Bottle' which appeared in the 'Days Like This' book.

Thanks to Robbie for sharing this great story.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

New story about 'The Catcher in The Rye'

I really enjoyed Euan's story about The Catcher in the Rye- this is a book often suggested for English book reviews and essays at school so I'm guessing it is not so often stumbled upon by unsuspecting teenagers these days- but that's how I came upon it too.

Read Euan's story here


A Rodeo in a book

A lovely book related animation for all to enjoy. It'll brighten up your day.

Hoedown from Rodeo from Eleanor Stewart on Vimeo.

Read Sophie's story about the book that changed her culinary life forever...

Sophie Moxon wrote this story about the book that changed her life ~ Nigel Slater's 'Appetite' you can read it here.

Nigel Slater is one of Britain's best loved food writers and author of many recipe books.

Claire is enjoying Nigel's latest - 'Eating for England' which makes great dipping into, especially for whetting the appetite whilst your tea is in the oven!